Mochi Mondays #1: Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Mochi

Last week I mentioned about my favorite mochi ice cream, so since I was able to make mochi already I decided to challenge myself and make different mochis every monday! dun dun dun… presenting MOCHI MONDAYS! ^___^/

my first mochi ice cream!

                 my first mochi ice cream!

So for the first Mochi Monday, I made vanilla ice cream cookie mochi! I used a different recipe from chapssaldeok I made last week – this recipe is specially for mochi ice cream 🙂 Continue reading


You Are Enough

The Daily Post

I recently told a friend of mine — a single mom who works in the healthcare industry — that she should write a blog about her amazing life. Her response to me was, “It’d be the most boring blog in the world. I’m nothing special.” That’s a direct quote. Nothing special? She’s raising three kids on her own, works in an ER in a massive city hospital, speaks three languages, and she studied opera in college. If she’s not special, I don’t know who is.

Her response really surprised me, and it reminded me of someone from my past who was the flip side of the self-confidence coin.

In my early 20s, I was taking a class with an outrageously flamboyant teacher. She found her life so interesting and loved telling us wild stories of the minutiae of her day. She could probably tell a story about boiling water and make it…

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Do it again on day two

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lazy Learners.”

I’ve always wanted to run. I enjoy it when I realize I went from one point to another by just using my legs. I enjoy it when I see people busy doing their morning chores – it makes me an observant and a participant in the environment at the same time. Much like watching a movie but you experience what the characters are doing 🙂

But sadly I only get to run on good days, and by good days I mean when everything falls perfectly – if I get a good night’s rest, if I wake up early (because the sun gets too hot if it’s 7 am), and if I have a nice full breakfast. Add to that is when I don’t get overwhelmed in the morning by the things I have to do throughout the day.

I want to make running a habit but I think the problem is I’m waiting for the perfect timing to do it, when I should just be doing it. I gotta get off my mind and start doing it, no questions asked 🙂

a track in my uni :)

                        a track in my uni 🙂

I mean I always get to do it from time to time, but the most difficult thing in forming a habit is having to do it on day two. And that’s where I usually find it hard, even on other things I want to start. I always get to do it day one, but not on day two -___-

Lazy Learners


That familiar excitement

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

waves @ eastern samar resort

On bus rides and long travels, I often think of how my life is gonna be when I’m old. The image of it is not clear in my mind yet – sometimes I see myself in an old city, or a town by the sea. I’m not really on clear on when or where I’ll be settling down yet, but what I’m sure hoping for is it will be filled with lots of travels. It may be near or far destinations, but I just hope my life will be full with travels.

So when asked what a soulmate to me is, I’d prefer to have someone who has the same aspirations with me. It may or may not be a bond based on love, rather a connection coming from the same values, dreams, and sometimes frustrations in life 🙂 I think the key is to grow together – it may be very hard to do that when you’re not in each other’s presence, but it’s not something impossible especially when the connection is very deep 🙂

So for me that someone has to love traveling, but someone who enjoys uneventful and quiet saturdays too. It’s like meeting a friend who went to a far place but you’re still excited to meet because despite the new stuff you’ve experienced you still have that familiarity that connects you both 🙂

Yin to My Yang

Chapssalddeok (Korean mochi) with mungbean filling

mochi with mungbean fillingI was looking for recipes of rice cakes that I can make for this year’s Chuseok and I saw these colorful and fluffy-looking chapssalddeok! I based the recipe from here but tweaked it a little for the mungbean filling 🙂

I sure didn’t hear about chapssalddeok in the past but when I read it was Korean style mochi, I was so excited! I tasted mochi ice cream years ago but sadly the shop selling them closed :/ and since then I wanted to make mochi for myself to satisfy my cravings. Voila! Here it is!

Mochi, or chapssalddeok, is a rice cake made from glutinous rice and has a soft and chewy texture. They are usually in the form of balls served with different fillings such as mungbean, chocolate, custard, and of course ice cream!

the rice cake that started it all ^^

               [screencaps from exo next door]

I crave for them ever since I watched EXO Next Door. Yup! Chapssalddeok a.k.a. the rice cake that started it all ^^ Now I’m all set! I just need EXO to live next door!

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Baking finds Part 1

stuff I bought :)

                             stuff I bought 🙂

Every time I go to this mall nearby, I make it a point to pass by the bakery supplies store. It’s my grown up toy store nowadays ^__^ When you’re in your favorite shop, you can’t help but look at each stuff and think “This looks so cool, I need this!” or “This so cute, I need this!” or “This so funny, I need this!” ^__^

I only had the usual stuff in mind like confectioner’s sugar for icing, vanilla for stock, and a reusable icing bag. But once you’re there you feel like you need to buy lotsa stuff (or anything) like the silicone brush for easy coating, or an offset spatula for finishing your icing.

I was about to buy the usual 1-pound pack of confectioner’s sugar but I saw this BIG 5-pound bag. Its price is just about 3x the smaller pack – which means I can save money enough for me to buy 2-pounds! That’s a lot of savings, plus I thought since it’s sugar it won’t expire that fast so it’s safe to stock! Now I have to find a large container for it :))

There are a lot of recipes I want to try but I skipped on because I thought I won’t find the ingredients here, but to my surprise I found them in the store! I found glutinous rice flour which I can use to make mochi ice cream, and lots of Korean rice cakes. I wanted to make mochi ice cream for a while now but I thought I had to find a specialty Japanese store to buy shiratamako (Japanese short-grained glutinous rice flour). Since I can’t find it in supermarkets here (and I was so desperate to make it), I planned to buy Japanese rice then grind it in a mill – the traditional way of making it. Good thing I found glutinous rice flour though! It’s gonna save me a lot of time! But I’m thinking of making it both ways too, using store-bought flour and milled flour, so I’ll know the difference 🙂

I also found almond flour and I immediately remembered that it’s the base for French macarons! My mom wants me to make it for her so I’m much more excited to do it! I also bought a cookie cutter and some cake bases that I can use to make mini cakes. I want to try my hand at making mini cakes so I can practice icing techniques easily 🙂 There’s also this project I want to start using the blue and red food colors!

Now I’m so excited to try these stuff with the recipes I have in mind!


It’s payback time!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I’ve Become My Parents.”

HAHAHA This is such a funny prompt! There is more than one habit I’ve acquired that makes me think I’m like my parents (It’s scary), but I think the funniest would be I insist on taking pictures a lot now 🙂

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would insist on taking your picture in the most conspicuous, attention-grabbing place and in the slowest way possible?  This may include you with an embarrassing outfit (that they keep insisting you’re cute at), or a school play or event where no one is taking pictures but your parents -___-

Like why can’t they understand that you’re just trying to keep your cool kid facade here XD

But now that I’ve grown older, I start to regret that I didn’t have that much pictures to look at – on my funny costumes in school plays, or children’s parties,or family gatherings or videos of me tripping or getting food all over my face, or my sibling fighting or family trips out of town. Back then, every shot consumes a space in your limited film – every shot mattered, so maybe that’s why we didn’t have that much pictures. It’s an upside of technology: now you can just point and shoot and choose the pictures that you want, without worrying if you still have enough film.

So now whenever there’s a chance I try to take pictures, not only of people but also of places that we go to 🙂 Sometimes my parents get so embarrassed because I was the only kid taking their mum and pup’s pictures (It’s payback time!) but I still insist on doing so. The laughs you get after will be all worth it!

Good photos make for a great mood booster on gloomy days plus it gives you the chance to laugh at yourself (and others too!) from time to time 🙂 I find that candid ones and even the blurred ones are the happiest to look at – takes you back to those happy times ^__^
I’ve Become My Parents