Writing Prompt #2: Luxurious

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

I consider my phone as a necessity for communication, so I guess the luxury I can’t live without is a television set? I always turn the TV on whether I’m watching or not, it’s like my radio throughout the day ^__^ I don’t remember a day I wasn’t able to watch TV be it at home, or in a bus, or in a dormitory. I don’t know if it is part of the Filipino culture but all houses I’ve visited has at least 1 television set.

I know they always say that it’s not good for you to watch TV for long periods of time, but growing up I remember I would turn the TV on when I’m staying up late to study – it keeps me awake and focused 🙂

I thought I was a weird kid but when I found out about how peripheral sounds are being used to improve focus, I felt like “Wow! So TV really helps me study?” HAHA but seriously, I watched it in a documentary how a university library in South Korea plays “nature sounds” to help their students focus on what they’re reading. Sounds of chirping birds, flowing water, rustling of leaves and a lot more sounds which make you feel you’re on an open area, one with nature.

A doctor explained that these sounds in the periphery make you focused because you do not process the sound as something that makes sense – you just appreciate the sound, or the melody.

I kind of wonder if that applies too when we listen to foreign music, like kpop, jpop or cpop. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand what they’re saying unless I check the lyrics later after listening to them. I just enjoy the melody of the songs, and how they fit into the drama (because I was first exposed to forein pop music through this drama)


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