Writing Prompt #3: Hit the SEND button

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Retrospectively Funny.”

During summer before college, freshmen were asked to register to their respective courses, part of it was to give your email address so that seniors can organize you into blocks. Back then, yahoo messenger was still the “in” thing – so we all chatted with freshmen from the same major.

That was where we met. (more like chattted ^^)

It was fun to chat with fellow freshmen, we were all on the same page: nervous but so excited to start college. Sometimes we talk about how we plan to meet up, or if there were classes we were on the same class with. It was fun, having friends even before we started college. I don’t know how it happened but I was chatting with this person more than others.

Our conversations were nothing but ordinary – just the same how are you, what’s your favorite subject (looking back that sounds so kiddo haha), what you’re doing this vacation. I don’t really remember what we talked about because I think we were chatting almost everyday that time. I just remember he told me he was too shy so he might not be the first one to greet when we meet.

Then came the first semester of college – we were on the same block, but we had a different schedule, so there was really no time to meet. I saw him from time to time in freshmen activities because we were still on the same block after all.

Then came the second semester of college – we had a chemistry class together. It was a small lab class, I think by then he recognized me already but still there were no conversations between us in person. I think after a month that’s when it happened.

So this person was a fairly bright student, and he was a little bit famous of that not only to our block but to all freshmen from our major. This subject is so famous because a number of students fail it every sem. It was so difficult that come recitation time, it was almost always he who answers our professor’s question.There was this one time he answered a difficult question so after class i texted my high school bff about it. I was gushing how he was so cute and intelligent, and so I got carried away with my fangirl feels I put his whole name in the text.

I grew impatient because my BFF wasn’t replying to my fangirling story. So I checked the text if it was sent… it was sent… to the wrong person… to HIM! I forgot I still had his number (he gave it to me during one of our chats). I really didn’t know what to do then, I wanted to drop the chemistry class because I was so embarrassed. But good thing I didn’t because it was a difficult class, let alone to repeat! The worst thing is that he didn’t reply, so I didn’t know what he was thinking. I was obsessing about it during the weekend, then came our next class. He still wasn’t talking to me, so I thought “Okay that’s good. Ignore it. Ignore my text please!.”

But as the minutes passed, I noticed his friends were looking at me and they were laughing – and then I knew. I thought, “WHAT?! HE TOLD THEM?!”. I was embarrassed, and angry and disappointed with him because I didn’t think he was that kind of a person. So I texted him again, (this time it was really meant for him ^^) “Hey! why did you tell your friends about it?” This was so funny, I was so angry I was texting this while walking. I was surprised he replied immediately, “My friend was holding my phone when you texted… it. hehe next time be careful”

GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH I didn’t know what I was feeling. I was smiling but I was embarrassed but I was… happy?

Well the semester went by smoothly. Luckily I passed the subject, as for him he topped our class. There were still a handful of moments we were still awkward with each other the rest of our time in college.

Now when I look back I just find it funny. It still is listed as one of my most embarrassing moments ever (trust me it’s a good icebreaker). Back then I was always so conscious of what I was going to do especially if he was around and I thought maybe I was too ugly for him to notice. I was so insecure with my looks back then. But eventually I got over him, maybe because there wasn’t a real conversation that happened between the two of us. Eventually I accepted that it really was just all my fangirl feels and nothing else, I just regret not being able to be with friends with him after that because I think at least we clicked on that part 🙂


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