That familiar excitement

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

waves @ eastern samar resort

On bus rides and long travels, I often think of how my life is gonna be when I’m old. The image of it is not clear in my mind yet – sometimes I see myself in an old city, or a town by the sea. I’m not really on clear on when or where I’ll be settling down yet, but what I’m sure hoping for is it will be filled with lots of travels. It may be near or far destinations, but I just hope my life will be full with travels.

So when asked what a soulmate to me is, I’d prefer to have someone who has the same aspirations with me. It may or may not be a bond based on love, rather a connection coming from the same values, dreams, and sometimes frustrations in life 🙂 I think the key is to grow together – it may be very hard to do that when you’re not in each other’s presence, but it’s not something impossible especially when the connection is very deep 🙂

So for me that someone has to love traveling, but someone who enjoys uneventful and quiet saturdays too. It’s like meeting a friend who went to a far place but you’re still excited to meet because despite the new stuff you’ve experienced you still have that familiarity that connects you both 🙂

Yin to My Yang


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