Chapssalddeok (Korean mochi) with mungbean filling

mochi with mungbean fillingI was looking for recipes of rice cakes that I can make for this year’s Chuseok and I saw these colorful and fluffy-looking chapssalddeok! I based the recipe from here but tweaked it a little for the mungbean filling 🙂

I sure didn’t hear about chapssalddeok in the past but when I read it was Korean style mochi, I was so excited! I tasted mochi ice cream years ago but sadly the shop selling them closed :/ and since then I wanted to make mochi for myself to satisfy my cravings. Voila! Here it is!

Mochi, or chapssalddeok, is a rice cake made from glutinous rice and has a soft and chewy texture. They are usually in the form of balls served with different fillings such as mungbean, chocolate, custard, and of course ice cream!

the rice cake that started it all ^^

               [screencaps from exo next door]

I crave for them ever since I watched EXO Next Door. Yup! Chapssalddeok a.k.a. the rice cake that started it all ^^ Now I’m all set! I just need EXO to live next door!

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